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The official unofficial [title of show] LiveJournal community

[title of blog]: a [title of show] community
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[title of blog]
The official unofficial [title of show] LiveJournal community

You planned a big Thanksgiving roast...
But you can only make popcorn and toast!
Just serve it up with a nice bordeaux and cook your [title of show]!

[title of show] is about its own creation: its writers, friends Hunter Bell (book) and Jeff Bowen (lyrics and music), learned about the 2004 New York Music Festival three weeks before the submission deadline and decided to write something for it. Upon enlisting the help of two friends, Heidi Blickenstaff and Susan Blackwell, they set out to create a completely original musical.
[title of show] is a musical that first appeared in the 2004 New York Music Festival. After the festival, it underwent development. It has been a part of the Vineyard Theatre's usual rotation, and even had a semi-permanent run there (one which ended October 1st, 2006).
Don't be mean to each other.
2. Only promote communities that have strictly to do with less-well-known musicals or musical actors, and do so behind a cut.
3. PLEASE list [title of show] as an interest. As of the community's creation, there were only six of us!
Say hello to easy_peasy_24 and fishness. Be nice to us because we could totally beat you in a cage match of noses!